#SONGOFTHEDAY “Love The Things You Do” by Pip Millett


Following her breakthrough debut ‘Make Me Cry’ last month, rising London R&B star Pip Millet comes through with her second offering ‘Love The Things You Do’. Contrasting her quietly powerful debut with a playfully light instrumental, hiding an emotive take on being knocked back by a friend, but having the good sense to move past it and remain close, this is a thrillingly free, potent follow-up from one of the rapidly emerging breakout names of 2018.

With producer Lester Duval again on the beat, his laid-back, guitar-flecked instrumental again provides a natural fit with Millet’s vocal performance, and the deeply personal nature of Millet’s lyrics, juxtaposed with the shroud of mystery she’s maintained, is sure to continue to generate intrigue.

“Love The Things You Do” is song of the day because it embodies all things R&B. With vocal intonation similar to Erykah Badu and hints of Corrine Bailey Rae and Indie Arie, Pip Millett is sweet nostalgia to the ears. With a perfect amalgam of pure vocal talent and effortless style even at this early stage, such is the freshness of her sound and purity of her vocal and songwriting, Pip already seems destined for very big things.

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