ty.gifThe Swedish domination of pop concepts continues with Luxia, a brilliantly tongue-in-cheek creation from Malmo. The young singer comes through with perhaps the sharpest and satirical alter-ego of recent times in her Instagram-obsessed princess displayed in her debut track ‘Me, My Selfie and I’.
Speaking on the track, Luxia states: In Sweden, where I’m from and where I live in Malmo, there is a thing called ‘Jantelagen’. ‘Jantelagen’ is a Swedish unwritten kind of “law” that basically means that you shouldn’t think you are something special, you should show humility and restraint and know your place. Many Swedish people are afraid to shine because of this ‘Jantelag’…well, fuck that! I’m not afraid to shine!”
In fact, Luxia may be the realest artist out there at the moment. Self-admittedly growing up in an unstable home with with drug and alcohol-abusing parents, her dad was around sometimes, her mum did the best she could when she could. Luxia would escape to the countryside where her grandmother ‘lived in a big house with a big garden’ – she’d find herself playing on the old piano standing in one of the big rooms. Luxia would move for a few years to Paris to get away from all the shit in her life, but she moved back to Sweden this summer, she missed it too much.
fg.gif“I’ve had problems with depression, anxiety and anger issues but had no help, cause I haven’t asked for any until recently. I’ve been told I have borderline personality disorder – I’ve been talking to a psychologist for about a year; I’m grateful. It helps alot.”
“I know my temper can change quickly, I can get angry or hurt very easily. I have abandonment issues. I need to move my body, I’m hyper-active. I love dancing, especially explosive styles like reggaeton and african dance. Jazz dance I find beautiful.”
“I love people like Eckhart Tolle who talks about things like awareness and the power of the present moment, breaking free from the body, where the pain is. These are everyday guidances in my life.”
Luxia has come through with a remarkable gem of a first track, instantly contagious, hilarious, biting and beautiful. A little like the most offbeat, natural popstar to emerge onto the scene in years. Like Petite Meller and Robyn before her, Luxia brings a beautifully fractured vision through incredible pop music. All hail the new queen of reality.

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