Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 17.44.28.pngFollowing serious acclaim from tastemaker artists and critics alike for some of the most inventive and engrossing tracks released by an emerging artist this year, Bellatrix now drops her eagerly-awaited debut EP ‘Real Stuffed Owls’.

A relevant introduction to the cool, blisteringly inventive Bellatrix is more than the tastemaker pickup from BBC RADIO 6, THE LINE OF BEST FIT, DUMMY and WONDERLAND for her initial releases ‘Be Your Bitch’ and ‘After More’ – it’s the forceful and spiritual wordplay eminating from the young artist that proves she’s equally punchy substance as she is clear, exotic style. A frank honesty and combative edge bring fresh and energetic comparisons to M.I.A. as much as they do to Kate Bush.

Bel_Multi_Musically Bellatrix has formed a backbone of intriguing, inventive synth and lush sampling alongside tropical and tribal percussion influences and shouts. ‘Real Stuffed Owls’ in this sense is the next assertive step into Bellatrix’s jagged, futuristic and deeply interesting world.

Studying jazz double bass at Guildhall School of Music, Bellatrix was earning a living as a bass player when she recently started to write her own music and taught herself to sing. Citing influences from Kate Bush to M.I.A. to Charles Mingus to Sun Ra, it’s clear that with ‘Real Stuffed Owls’ we’ve only broken the surface of Bellatrix’s increasingly exciting and exotic story.

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