artworks-000189912922-gyl79j-t500x500Hailing from the Motor City, home of Motown Records, Rising Detroit, Michigan rapper now residing in Atlanta, GA, Negüs Fresh drops off his brand new project ‘TTD: I Got Something To Say.’ Coming from a city built on Jazz and known for its signature sound “The Motown Sound” that moved the nation under Barry Gordy, on wax Negüs Fresh tells his story the way Smokey Robinson describes the sound as “not an audible sound. It’s spiritual, and it comes from the people that make it happen.” Fresh tells his life growing up in Detroit while utilizing the distinctive melodic and chord structures along with drums, bass instrumentation orchestrated by Alan Cash on production. Coming in at 12-tracks opening up with a heartfelt intro talking to his mom who is incarcerated plus a bonus track from Alan Cash, Negüs gets the assistance from L8K, Oba Rowland and Cortez Farris to make his debut.

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