NEW MUSIC: NOLA MC Leon the God challenges Hip-Hop with the release of “NOVA” EP

a3991058497_10New Orleans MC Leon the God and Virginia producer Logic Marselis sonically merged their worlds with the creation of the “NOVA” EP, due for release on February 3rd, 2017 via all Major Streaming outlets.

As the title “NOVA” is a hybrid of the artists’ respective home bases, the EP itself is a collaborative effort to display the true essence of hip-hop. The soulful, sample-heavy vibes provided by Logic make it easy for Leon to lead you to the edge of his thoughts – a realm of substance, positivity, growth, and change. An official video was released in December of 2016 to promote the release of “NOVA.”

LEON.png“Real hip-hop lives within the streets and souls that endure pain but find happiness on a beat…Leon the God is just that.” – on “NOVA” track “Asparagus” “One of the most revealed rappers in 64HipHop, gaining traction in East Africa with music spanning across the continent” – African blog

Leon continues to cultivate a following by live performances, going as far west as Seattle, Eugene and Los Angeles, and as far east as New York, Raleigh and Charlotte. With the assistance of Happy Nomad Booking, Leon will support “NOVA” with a tour of the southeastern US. Definitely expect great things from the MC!

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