aaaAu Dré unleash their fierce latest single ‘Watch What You Say’ and video clip today. Inspired by rumours, frustration and ferocious rap from the likes of Azealia Banks, M.I.A and Nicki Minaj, the single’s very existence poses the question: can two ginger jazz musicians from Melbourne, Australia throw down a track that lyrically settles some scores? Resoundingly, the duo has knocked it out of the court – delivering stadium-sized production and contagious choruses to the bubbling up Australian music underground.  #WATCHWHATYOUSAY

Watch What You Say is a sentiment Ive felt often. One night enraged by the rumours I heard surrounding my activities and personality I felt an urge to scream and instead accidentally became a rapper. The track is about people who are fundamentally all talk and no action. Those that hang around all the right crew, theyre always there, theyre always out and theyve always got something to say about everyone even people theyve never met. Audrey
aa.gifA collaboration between vocalist and songwriter Audrey Powne and producer/keyboardist James Bowers, the two artists are no strangers to the Australia’s ever growing music scene – members of no less than Sex On Toast, The Do Yo Thangs, Clever Austin, The Vaudeville Smash and many more. The pair bonded over a shared love of maximalist electronic music and passion for 70/80’s disco and dance music. In attempt to fuse together these two infatuations Au Dré deliver the perfect combination of a contemporary ‘banger’ with the sophistication and energy of old school funk and R&B.
To showcase ‘Watch What You Say the duo teamed up with emerging Melbourne director An Architect Photographed My Undies (who has worked with Alta and Flyying Colours previously) to deliver a fearless video that matches the single’s colossal energy, and ever-so-slight play on traditional pop elements.

“Audrey initially had the idea for the video watching Serena Williams destroy an uptight Maria Sharapova in the Australian open. Watching two women one with all the grace and one with all the power fight it out seemed like the ultimate internal struggle. We teamed up with long time collaborator An Architect Photographed my Undies, director Bianca Milani, pitched her the idea of a pretty, graceful, rich Audrey pitted against a gangsta and ferocious Au Dré who ultimately pulverizes her in an intense game of tennis and got to work. With a heavily female crew, we shot the clip in one tight stressful day.” James

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