NEW VIDEO: Tiaryn Releases Video for “Cement Love”

giphy28Today Australia’s freshest Avant-pop artist Tiaryn releases the video for her soaring debut single ‘Cement Love’. Filmed by young director Jessica Barclay Lawton (who has also crafted videos for Vance Joy, British India, Gossling and Owl Eyes) the clip draws inspiration from commonplace settings in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, contrasted with pop-appeal, to portray the emotion so succinctly delivered in the song.

“In the video for ‘Cement Love’ we wanted to explore how everyday locations can invoke memories of a relationship. We picked places where I’d be seen in high contrast to a mix of generations and cultures with different ideas of monogamy. In the clip I am torn between the darkness of realising that there’s no such thing as a ‘forever’ love and the hopeful memory of once feeling that certain. The director, Jessica Barclay Lawton, is a good friend of mine and I was incredibly lucky to work with her. She knows how much I love to dance so she suggested that I should in the clip, which in the end I think was important to portray the joy of once being ‘solid’.”


Cement Love is a peculiar blend of percussion, melodic chords, and sampled soundscapes. The sonic roller-coaster cruises through the surfy vibes of the verse, creates a sensation weightlessness during the airy, echoey bridges, and peaks at the chorus as all the elements come together.” – AAA BACKSTAGE

“It’s been a while since I’ve stumbled upon such a smooth blend between lushful electronics and pop-driven melodies.” – STEREOFOX

“If this is just the start, then we’re predicting big things for the magical Tiaryn.” – Best Before

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