NEW MUSIC: “Not My Way” by Vizual ft. Chuuwee

Vizual ft. Chuuwee - Not My Way (prod. King Hazel).JPG
The latest HOF Records release comes from 17 year old Sacramento rapper Vizual with assistance from none other than one of Sacramento’s most beloved rappers, Chuuwee. The track, produced by King Hazel, is called “Not My Way” and it’s a super west coast style attack on the mind. Vizual, who’s gearing up to drop his debut full-length project ‘Older Minds’, definitely has a big brain up in there…and Chuuwee’s just too damn smart. The result of this collab is something highly intelligent and highly enjoyable. Vizual himself says…
“I wanted to create a song that people could just smoke and vibe to. ‘Stay in school be good what they sayin everyday, but this reefer that I’m smokin really got me in a haze, it’s the money, it’s the bitches, what they sayin everyday, I would, but it’s not my way’…I’m basically setting the example, that you don’t have to take orders from other people, and yes, money and bitches are great, but they aren’t everything.”
“Not My Way” is available 10/18 everywhere.

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