“October” by George Ogilvie

George Ogilvie, the Canterbury-born singer/songwriter started writing music at 18. In just a few years, he started to build a notable viral fanbase and subsequent online presence through posting regular videos. They fell in love with his heartfelt, clearly talented vocal and songwriting talents.

Meanwhile as he threw himself into the local music scene in Kent, George’s musical influences would grow, spending the majority of his time seeking out sounds from any era that resonated with him: principal muses would include a spectrum from Bon Iver, Sharon Van Etten and John Martyn to soul and jazz legends like Ray Charles & Nina Simone.
Such a diverse palette has led to both a classic approach to raw, honest songwriting tempered by the kinds of simple pop melodies that exist both wholly in the present as they could themselves span generations. A real maturity and unmistakable talent brings George into the spotlight with his debut release “October”.

Speaking on the track, George states:
“October was inspired by a close friendship, downfalls taking their toll on something good and looking back to a time when it was much simpler.”

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