giphy20My Excuse is frontman Steven Triant – a Greek American rock singer who’s been touring with his band across Europe and the US (they played a 30-date North American tour in 2014 alongside another last year which included four performances at SXSW).giphy19With a tightness honed from a serious tour schedule combined with a natural flair for melody, Steven writes and arranges all of his music, and has been working with legendary producer Ron Saint Germain (Soundgarden, Muse, Sonic Youth) – a mark of how highly My Excuse is already regarded in tastemaker circles. This is pure, unadulterated pop/rock n’ roll that recalls modern greats like the Fray and Maroon 5. Steven’s gorgeous drawl channels an instant nonchalant cool, but this is threatening mass-appeal pop/rock of a polished, melodic nature.giphy21New release “In Disguise” is in turns flecked with guitar and rolling choruses and layered with Steven’s knowing, caressing tone, this is music making noise at one of the the most credible music festivals in the world. Now confirming their first live UK tour dates in November, My Excuse is a man looking to do some real damage this side of the Atlantic this year.

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