DAMA2.gifDAMA, the new album from TITAN, is the latest in a long list of projects keeping the Mexican cult electronic rockers busy. They have however, recruited stars like Gary Numan, Egyptian Lover and Siobhan Fahey from Bananarama and Shakespeares Sister for their first new major LP in eleven years.

The video for lead single ‘Dama Fina’, Filmed by Rogelio Sikander in one of the countless dilapidated warehouses on the sprawling outskirts of Mexico City, exploits tensions between pleasure and pain – alongside the trio’s signature dark humor set to a haunting, minimal groove. It’s clear that contemporary artists such as Arca and Gaika have been influenced in part by the Mexican trio’s aesthetic and dark creativity.

DAMA.gifReconstituted from the remains of industrial act Melamina Ponderosa in 1992, TITAN have powered Mexico’s enduring indie rock and electronic scene. Their 1995 debut, Terrodisco, unleashed a tsunami of Mexican pop music that cleared the way for acts like Kinky, Nortec Collective, Rebolledo amongst others. They followed up their breakthrough in 1998 with the EP C’mon Feel the Noise, before dropping two more EPs featuring 40 remixes of their hit, ‘Corazón’ in 1999 on the Beastie Boys’ Grand Royal label. In 2000, the milestone album Elevator (produced by Michael Franti, Craig Borrell and Ross Harris) was released by Virgin to worldwide acclaim. An eponymous album, TITAN followed on Mexican indie label Nuevos Ricos in 2005. Since then, TITAN have spent most of their time touring, mainly in Latin America and Europe, playing at major events such as Corona Music Fest, Reading Festival, Transmusicales and working on numerous side projects.

Like fellow iconoclasts Avalanches and Portishead, TITAN doesn’t record an album every two years. As they see it, “it is very healthy to take some time to do some other stuff and make an album when you really want to. We’ve always worked like that, maybe on this occasion we took some extra time.”

The wait has been worth it. TITAN, as they remind everyone, never broke up, never stopped creating, performing, touring, producing. DAMA happened in 2016, “because the planets aligned. The conditions we wanted to make the new album were the ones we were looking for some years ago: economic independence, amazing recording studio, incredible producer, great collaborations.”

DAMA will be released in August 2016 by ÉPICO in Latin America and by ATP Recordings globally. A 2017 tour is in the works and will bring TITAN’s experimental theatrics to new audiences and old fans worldwide.


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