NEW VISUAL: Shizz U drops “ALWAYS”

giphy15In March of this year,  Philly based rapper Shizz U dropped his 2nd project (Shizz University 2) , which was picked up by HipHopSince1987, and has been widely regarded as his best work because he began to open up and speak more about his personal life.

Following the great response to his single Always he’s finally dropped a visual to bring it to life; which premiered on BLUNTIQ and was picked up by HipHopDX and others.


This visual which was shot by Plum Creek Philly depicts how things can go wrong living a certain lifestyle in Philly, while also touching on the importance of knowing that no matter what you do people will always love or hate you and that should never stop you from doing what you have to do  to take care of you  and your family. Yougo on a quick journey through West and Uptown side of Philly.  As the video progresses you see how Shizz U is who always surrounded by people who love and support him is still set up by people who want to do harm. After losing his package and almost losing is life, he realizes he has to handle the situation before it escalates other wise people will constantly test him.

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