Erin is an accomplished media maven and digital content creator. She specializes in content strategy and creation for brands and media/news organizations to further assist with captivating targeted demographics. Her fun, creative personality and journalism degree allow her to develop content for all platforms. While Erin continues to expand her portfolio and contributing with several organizations, she also provides content on her own website Erin A Simon where she broke the “AmeriLeague Scandal”.

The young media personality caught up with Chant Magazine for a one on one exclusive interview to dish on some of the details of her busy industry life:

Where you are from?
I was raised in New Jersey for most of my life, but was born in Abington, PA.

What’s your alma mater?
My alma mater is the University of Kentucky. Go CATS!

What is your official title?
My current position is Social Media Producer at REVOLT TV. I essentially produce content for social and digital, and the content has the ability to crossover to our TV network too. But, I also do work outside of REVOLT, developing content for brands, artists, athletes and so forth.

Who was your inspiration for your career path? If any.
The person who inspired my career path was definitely Oprah. It’s amazing to see how she overcame so many obstacles, people telling her she “isn’t good enough” or didn’t expect her to win and she still came out on top. In addition to that, she helps others, and that’s something I try to do often throughout my career, in whatever way I can.

Has music always been one of your passions?
Music has always been a passion of mine. I’ve always had such a passion for sports and music together. I can get into very deep or intense conversations about music or sports haha.

boomSimon also created the series “Uber Rides With Erin” in collaboration with Uber.Uber Rides With Erin is an interview series in which Erin takes notable people on the shared ride to a popular destination providing “relaxed, cool vibes.”

Chant Magazine prides itself on the mantra of self promotion & explanation. In the age of instant gratification music, art & fashion all need the message behind them explained thoroughly. With this in mind, what is your vision for some of the artists you represent or have assisted in the past?
The vision I have in general for anyone I work with is to value consistency and quality. Too often people think let me just put my music out or get it up on this website and I’m good. It doesn’t work that way, you have to build your fanbase through interaction (social media and in-person) and develop content that allows people to get a better sense of you. I always tell people, you want a glass wall. Enough for people to see you and get to know you but it still prevents some people from getting too close to you. Everyone needs to have a private life to a certain point

With fashion and music all being refocused in a digital direction, what is the best way you think an artist can find exposure through self promotion?
Best exposure is free exposure, focus on your loyal fanbase whether on Twitter, in-person, Instagram, wherever. These are the people who will freely share your content without you asking, supporting you in whatever you do. It takes effort but, talk to them, develop relationships with them, build your network. Because ultimately, the relationships you build are the same relationships that will assist you with self-promotion. Can’t just tweet people “hey check out my song” and leave it at that. Doesn’t work at all.

What kind artist do you find yourself drawn to? Can you name any specific artist you’ve encountered that you’re particularly fond of?
Honestly, I like dope artists and especially artists who have great personalities. It’s always great to work with people who you could vibe with outside of work. For me, I just like working with good, genuine people. Some people who are mad awesome are like Jay IDK, Bia, Leaf, Cymcole um haha there are several that I shot something with for REVOLT. But, they all had great yet different personalities and after meeting them, it just made so much sense the style they had for their music.

Where do you go to enjoy yourself or “turnup” (clubs, bars etc.)?
I just like spending time with my friends and loved ones honestly. Whether it’s staying inside and watching Netflix or going to a bar or club in the city. For me, it’s not where that determines how much fun I have, it is about the people I go out with. Shoot I already hit up a friend to watch Luke Cage with me haha

Any specific spaces/venues that you frequent to hear good live music?
I’ve been to various ones but SOBs, Highline Ballroom…oh boy, I go to a lot of different venues for work and for fun so lol I just go where the dope artists are performing.

What is your favorite genre of music to listen to?
Hmmm, I don’t necessarily have a favorite genre because I listen to all genres, it’s more so I have specific artists for certain situations haha. Like if I’m turning up and about to go out I’ll listen to Desiigner, 2Chainz and all of those cats. But, if I’m doing work I may listen to like Solange with her new project, Kendrick, or even Alessia Cara or Ruth B. For me it all depends on the mood and situation.

Could you speak on the importance of artist / publicists interactions?
Interaction is key for all brands. You must be able to speak to and speak with your fans or demographic. But, also be able to speak in a way that makes sense to them. Like what was said before, your fans or brand demographic are your loyal, free marketers in a sense. They support you, share your content, your work. But, in order to have that, you must develop a brand awareness and brand trust, and once you have that, it’s about maintaining those relationships in some shape or fashion whether it’s giving them content, meet & greets and etc.

How can an artist approach you about their craft without being to abrasive? What was the best approach you received from a non-represented / independent artist.?
The best way to approach me is to actually try to develop a relationship with me. Networking isn’t just asking people about checking your music out, it’s about getting to know the person to some degree and building that trust. There are some artists who built a solid relationship with me so now, they text me their song and I check it out! But, these artists also talk to me about none work, or hit me up to come through for their birthdays and etc. It’s all about building those solid relationships where it’s not always about work or your music or their job. People want to just feel supported and appreciated. The best approach I received was just an artist came and said to me “how can I help you.” There are times when people come to me to ask for something dealing with them or their music, but there were few times that artists said “Hey Erin, what do you need? Whatever it is I got you no worries.” That meant a lot.

What is it that you find most interesting about the work you do? What have you learned from the industry that would be a key note to leave your readers on:
I think what I find the most interesting about the work that I do is being open to different industries and different cultures. I’m constantly learning whether it’s from new people or from my mentors in the industry. Just to see how different people move, different personalities, how people interact from different countries compare to here. It’s very cool to see. Well, what I’ve learned about the industry is that at the end of the day, it’s all about relationships. Your network is your networth. But, it’s also just important to know the right people. Whether for you personally it’s having good genuine people in your corner, or people who have a lot of influence, whatever that is for you, it’s important to build on from that. Because it makes the process a lot easier, and especially a lot easier if you work to help them too and you all grow together.


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