cddff.pngBass Physics’ latest single, “Let Me Go,” takes the listener on a melodic and emotional journey through finding oneself again and getting back to one’s roots. This track features inspiring and ethereal vocals from Carly Lynn interwoven with soulful beats and live guitar. “Let Me Go” presents an infusion of indietronica and chillwave elements with the signature live electronic rock style of Bass Physics.

In their own works, “‘Let Me Go’ is about letting go of sadness, regret, resentment, negativity and hate, and finally taking control of your life and doing what’s best for you.” The song encourages a relinquishment of fear and self-doubt in exchange for a deep inspiration in oneself and for life.

Bass Physics is a Denver-based duo consisting of A.P. Adair and Luke Sims that came together with one objective in mind: to spread positive vibes through the power of music. Their genre-bending sound is made up of soulful electronic beats fused with live guitar and keys. While some songs weave beautifully expressive sonic landscapes, others explode with power and energy. Bass Physics just wrapped up a busy summer festival season with appearances at Electric Forest Festival, Northern Nights Music Festival, ARISE Festival, Sonic Bloom and Euphoria Music Festival, among others. They seek to always keep the party live by bringing energy and emotion to the dance floor.


9.16 – Schmiggity’s – Steamboat Springs, CO
9.17 – Mishawaka Amphitheater – Bellevue, CO **
9.21 – The Loft – Minneapolis, MN #
9.22- The Miramar Theatre – Sherwood, WI #
9.24 – Populux – Detroit, MI #
9.25 – The Stache- Grand Rapids, MI #
10.29 – Empire Control Room – Austin, TX
11.25 – Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom – Denver, CO

**With Sound Remedy
# With Sunsquabi

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