NEW VIDEO: “Burn The Industry” by Kwesy Mojo

Kwesy Mojo - Burn The Industry

Nigerian born but raised in Ghana, Kwesy Mojo unveils his new visual for “Burn The Industry.” Here’s what the up-and-comer had to say about the vivid visuals:

Born in Nigeria and raised in Ghana, I am Kwesy Mojo…A Los Angeles based musician who firmly believes music has the potential to transform minds. I describe myself as a self-help hip-hop artist who creates music with the sole purpose of inspiring & motivating listeners to be the best version of themselves.Through a series of life changing personal experiences I came to the realization that life is a blank canvas and our beliefs are the tools we use to paint both the harrowing and the gratifying experiences of our lives.  In essence, I found that we are each infinitely powerful and each have the potential to transform our world by transforming ourselves.After this awakening, I took a good look at myself and decided I would no longer “paint” the lame ass version of myself . I decided instead to fearlessly pursue my passion for music & arts…and self transformation. Now he releases the first video off “Self Help,” a conceptual mixtape reflecting a battle between the ego and the higher self and an open invitation for the Hip Hop industry to become more introspective. Watch “Burn The Industry” below.

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