Soon to be 23 (February 6th) Tinashe is no newbie to the music world. In 2012, Tinashe released two critically acclaimed mixtapes, In Case We Die and Reverie, which she created in her home studio. After the release of the mixtapes, Tinashe signed with RCA Records. She later released her third mixtape, Black Water  and her debut studio album Aquarius .Her debut single, “2 On”, reached number one on the Rhythmic chart, and peaked at number 24 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

The 22 year old, did not hesitate  to tell the world about how she wants “world domination” through her music. We can see why from the production to the lyrics of her debut album “Aquarius “, she gives us a glimpse in to her world  and she does it so well. She used some great resources for her album, she sampled her childhood video and put it her album titled “deep in the night”  she even welcomes you to her world at the end of the song “Aquarius”  the first song off her debuts album. As a music artist she certainly is rigorous. Tinashe even said previously in a interview with I-D  that she recorded over 100 songs  for Aquarius take a look below.

Let’s talk about your record, Aquarius. You recorded over 100 songs during the making of it which is both amazing and insane. What was your process of elimination and final selection?

For me, it’s all about the creative journey and as I’m working towards creating an album you have to kind of just keep creating songs because the journey is constantly shifting and evolving into what the final project eventually ends up being. Towards the end of the project, I usually end up scrapping most of the songs and writing completely new ones because I feel inspired by whatever I’m doing at that moment in time. With Aquarius I certainly decided what was going on the record myself, no one else can do that!” 

-Courtney Dewitt  “the age of aquarius with future r&b star tinashe” 01 . 07 . 16

Tinashe is certainly one powerful woman and, I can’t wait to hear her follow up album “Joyride“.  One thing you can always expect from this woman is hardwork  and dedication keep up the great work Tinashe!

Check out tinashe’s Joyride trailer

And you can purchase Aquarius on iTunes

You can also download all her FREE mixtapes Here

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